Agenda Topics in Discussion for inSYNC 2019

    • 2019 Economic Forecast
    • Industry Association Overview
    • Customer Satisfaction is Worthless…
    • Offshoring Views from the Peer
    • Do you know what your sales people and brokers are really selling?
    • Medical Marijuana & the Workplace
    • Client Service Ageements – Let’s Overwhelm our Prospects
    • Certified PEO’s – 3 years later…
    • Healthcare Outlook Associations and Groups
    • The insanity of funding your clients payrolls
    • The Magic of selling to Millennials
    • Cyber Security and Your PEO
    • Automated Marketing Systems/Processes
    • The impact of Technology and your PEO's Evaluation

The way the inSYNC Summits work is that the attendee’s drive the agenda, so additional items may be added, some of these will be removed, changed or modified. We are working on presenters, panelists, etc. all which drive the final agenda.

How are the sessions setup? Typically each session has a topic, the topics can have a primary speaker with panelists, or can be a panel that shares their perspective on the topic. There are no right or wrong perspectives or opinions as they are presented. Everyone is asked to keep an open mind, this is a “think tank” environment and it is an opportunity to expand your outlook. The panelists have allotted time to speak, we typically hold questions until the end to not influence panelists. Once all the panelists have spoken, we have an open session for questions.