PEO Network inSYNC Summit 2019

The inSYNC Summits have always been a favorite event of the PEO Network family and the tradition continues with PEO Network's inSYNC Summit 2019 in beautiful Boca Raton Florida on February 25th and 26th 2019

For this event, there is no requirement to be part of an association, the invitations are sent out to previous attendees and then to sponsor invitees and finally to other PEO CEO's and top managers.

The theme is basically a brainstorming session, for PEO/ASO/HRO CEO's or Senior Management. There are some speakers, topic experts that give presentations, but typically at the end of most presentations it opens up to a "Think Tank" environment, where everyone discusses the topic, their experiences, both positive and negative.

The key is, there are not any right or wrong answers, everyone is treated with the same respect no matter how stupid their answers, questions or comment are.  (we also like to have fun, and not take ourselves to seriously)

Gather with your peers to exchange ideas and discuss today's hottest industry topics.

Who should attend?

  • PEO Owners
  • PEO Executives
  • Industry Leadeers
Limited to 50 Participants

For more information email